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April 10

To be eligible to receive a ballot to vote, please send an email to, confirming



Email Address:

April 24, 2017; 23:59 UTC


April 25

Nominations process opens

    • You can self-nominate or nominate someone starting on April 26th, 2017, through to May 26th, 2017.
    • Candidates must respond to the NPOC discuss mailing list with the following:
    • Name:
    • Affiliation:
    • Position applied for:
    • Why you are running for the position?:
    • Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?:
    • How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position:
    • Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

May 26, 2017; 23:59 UTC

April 26

NPOC Excom accepts nominations

May 29, 2017

May 30

Voting begins

June 29, 2017

June 30

Election results announced


Candidate Statement
Chair Joan Kerr Raoul Plommer Yes Yes
Vice Chair Raoul Plommer Joan Kerr Yes Yes
Name: Raoul Plommer
Affiliation: NPOC, NCUC, Electronic Frontier Finland, Open Knowledge Finland
Position applied for: Vice Chair
Why you are running for the position?:I’ve been to four ICANN meetings since Marrakech and I feel that I can definitely make the biggest impact with my work in the NPOC ExCom.

– I’m familiar with most digital rights issues and human rights on the internet, while I’ve been working for Effi and the Pirate Party. At the moment in Finland, I’m working on Effi’s and the Pirate Party’s statement on the new surveillance law which was just presented to the public two weeks ago.

– I’m now on my second term in the board of Open Knowledge Finland, which is part of Open Knowledge International, a network of people dedicated to open government and corporate data all around the world. Right now, I’m working on[]  which is currently one of our main projects and I gave a lightning talk presentation on it with another OKFI-activist at the RightsCon last month. We might now even get the UN Commissioner on Privacy to grace us with his presence, at our annual conference!

– I have about nine years of experience in arranging outreach and social events for the Pirate Party and a little bit less for Effi. I arranged one for the NCUC in Helsinki also.

Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: No.
How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position: 5-15

Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

RDS – I’ve just started learning about its key issues, but after being around for a little over a year, I’m sure it’s most relevant to my interests. I also think, it might just be the most relevant PDP for NPOC, too. Stephanie Perrin has also promised to give me a little guidance along the way and I’m going to catch up on it before the Johannesburg meeting in the end of June.


Secretariat Olevie Kouami Olevie Kuoami Yes Yes
Policy Committee Chair Poncelet Ileleji Raoul Plommer Yes Yes


Post: Membership chair
Affiliation: NPOC
Why?: to enhance membership base and to engage more nonprofits contribute to ICANN processes
Conflict of interest: NONE
Hours per week: 5 five
Others: nil
Communications Committee Chair Juan Manuel Rojas Raoul Plommer Yes Yes